Confidently verify a customer’s identity and account details. With authentication, your business can create a seamless user experience, avoiding human error.

Authenticate with confidence

Create a frictionless and secure onboarding experience that increases conversion rates.

Review payments

Confirm the source and destination of funds.

Avoid chargebacks

Instantly verify account accuracy and ownership.


Boost conversion

Verify customers’ details, bank account and sort code.

Reduce error

Avoid costly back-office processes and improve operations.


Enhance identity theft measures, reducing the risk of fraud.

Verify details

Check account holder details to ensure payments are processed quickly and seamlessly.

Improve user experience, enabling customers to confirm ownership of account.

Use cases

Business finance

Validate accounts and confirm account ownership, reducing the risk of failed payments, fraud, and costly back-end processes. Read more

Credit & lending

Avoid payments being misdirected and boost conversion by confirming the full account details and ownership. Read more

How it works


Customer selects the bank and consents to share data.


Customer completes the bank’s authentication process.


Customer connects current account.

Connect to your customers