Real-time balances

Instant balance checks help customers avoid overdraft fees and the risk of failed payments by determining funds available.

Instant balance checks

Instant balance checks determine affordability with real-time views of users’ current accounts, credit cards, savings and investments.

Aggregate customers’ accounts to display a quick and accurate view of funds available.


Real-time data

Check if users have funds to complete payment.

Decrease fees

Reduce the risk of non-payment or overdraft fees.

Open Banking/PSD2

Our integrations offer secure, compliant access.

How it works


Customer selects the bank and consents to share data.


Customer completes the bank’s authentication process.


Customer connects current account.

Use cases

Personal finance

Aggregate accounts to get a snapshot of available balances, providing a real-time view of funds to improve money management. Read more


Instant view of clients’ account(s) and assets, improving client engagement, resulting in more personalised services. Read more

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