Credit & lending

Improve assessment and create a frictionless experience with pre-filled onboarding forms.

Make better, more informed decisions, viewing up to seven years of financial data.


Accessing cash flow and affordability is time-consuming. Human error and back-office processes slow down assessments.


Open banking allows providers to access financial data instantly, making better decisions and improving user experience.

Understanding affordability

Leverage salary, payments and affordability insights for better products and services.

How it works


Customers agree to share data across their account(s).


We then fetch the data.


Financial providers can use this data to improve their risk assessments.


Income verification

Verify recurring income, payments and check the balance of customers’ account(s).

Reduce costs

Operational costs and back-office processes are minimised.

Automate checks

Enhance identity theft measures, reducing the risk of fraud.

Relevant products

Enhanced KYC

Gain a real-time understanding of the customer. Read more


Integrate a faster and more cost-effective bank payment. Read more

Power your business