Want to learn more about our open banking solutions and market coverage? See our FAQs for more information.


Does your volume discount apply to data Account Information Services (AIS) as well as Payment Initiation Services (PIS)?

Yes, a volume discount can be obtained for both AIS and PIS.


How many banks are you connected to in the UK?

We’re connected to 60+ banks in the UK. In addition, we are connected to over 1,500+ financial institutions in the UK and Europe.

Do you cover banks/financial institutions and countries outside the UK?

Yes, we cover over 7 countries outside the UK, a number that’s constantly growing.

What industries do you cover?

Insurance, retail, wealth management, personal finance, price comparison and credit & lending are just a few of the industries we cover, but there are limitless applications. Get in touch to find out more.


How do I get access to the console?

Once you’re registered, we will send you a link via email, guiding you through the setup process.

What ongoing support do you offer?

We offer one comprehensive support level, as we believe all businesses should benefit from the latest features, fixes, and benefits of open banking. However, we can accommodate custom support SLAs too, should your business operation require this.

What products do you provide?

Our off-the-shelf products include: Transactions (with or without categorisation), Enhanced KYC, Real-time Balance and Account Authentication. However, we can also tailor products, depending on your business’s challenges or goals.

Can I personalise the consent journey so appears seamless to the end-user?

Yes, OPEN by Eliga offers white labelling, allowing you to apply company logos and branding. This gives customer confidence and an improved user experience without breaking the customer journey or flow.

Can OPEN by Eliga initiate payments?

Absolutely, OPEN by Eliga can initiate payments within the UK as well as Europe, providing a more cost effective solution to traditional payment methods.


What is open banking?

Through insights, data enrichment and account aggregation, open banking helps banks and third-party providers create personalised products and services to improve customer experience and boost customer growth.

What is OPEN by Eliga?

OPEN is a self-service platform that connects to banks allowing businesses to either retrieve customers’ financial transactional information (in a read only format) or initiate payments, once the customer has given consent.