Connected customers

Open banking solutions enable businesses to truly put the customer at the heart of what they do.

By leveraging financial transactional insights, your business can create timely personalised products and services to meet customers’ needs as well as provide an alternate payment solution.

What is OPEN?

Using bank-grade APIs, OPEN puts businesses and users in control when it comes to consent, utilising financial data and initiating payments. It improves decisions, products and user experience with rich data insights.

With its frictionless payment initiation, OPEN also provides fast, cost-effective payment solutions, reducing overhead.


OPEN is intuitive and seamless, offering easy integrations and speed to market with flexible support models. Our open banking solutions can be placed anywhere in the user journey, delighting customers even further.

100% PSD2 compliant

Self-service console for greater business efficiency

Financial data and payment initiation across 8 countries

Connected to 60+ banks in the UK in real-time

Easy integrations with no legacy technology

White labelling to provide security and comfort to the end-user

Our products

Real-time balances

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Enhanced KYC

Gain a real-time understanding of the customer. Read more

Connect to your customers 

Open banking insights

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