Integrate a faster and more cost-effective bank payment, supported by biometric authentication to reduce fraud and customer friction.

Receive funds quicker

Initiate payments through OPEN to reduce traditional transaction processing fees and enable your business to receive funds quicker.

Provide a more secure and seamless payment processing experience.


Boost conversion

Remove the need to enter card details, reducing customer friction.

Secure payments

Payments are authenticated at the bank, reducing fraud and operational costs.

Increase cashflow

Receive funds faster to improve cashflow and accountancy tasks.

How it works


Customer confirms payment.


Authenticates at the bank.


Funds are received by merchant.

Use cases

Credit & lending

Avoid payments being misdirected and boost conversion by confirming the full account details and ownership. Read more


Instant view of clients’ account(s) and assets, improving client engagement, resulting in more personalised services. Read more

Connect to your customers