Personal finance

Engage customers with responsive personal finance management (PMF) tools.

Help customers improve their finances with powerful insights, identifying life-changing events to offer timely products and services.


Businesses struggle to build accurate, up-to-date views of users’ finances across different banks and financial institutions.


Consolidate up to seven years of financial data to build a compelling money portrait, offering a tailored experience.

Account aggregation

Build a single view of customers’ finances, aggregating data in real-time.

From personal finance management tools to event triggers, keep track of users’ money.


Event triggers

Convert customers with timely insights, identifying life-changing events.

Celebrate milestones

Encourage customers to save to achieve financial goals faster.

Money portrait

Build a single view of customers’ accounts in real-time with up to seven years of data.

Relevant products

Real-time balances

An instant snapshot of funds available. Read more


Insight into a granular level view of categorised transactions. Read more

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