The 3 best open banking podcasts

Open banking has exceeded many expectations over the past few years. Adoption has continued to grow handsomely, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

According to a report by OBIE, In the six months to March 2022, there were 21.1m open banking payments, compared with 6.1m in the same period in 2021. Month-on-month growth is running at around 10%.

One of the biggest obstacles to adoption open banking has had to continually try to overcome is awareness and understanding. It was the case at the beginning, and strong growth aside, it still is today.

It’s a financial service after all; not exactly one of the most accessible or approachable markets. And for the layman especially (see: most end-customers), open banking can be particularly rife with enough acronymic jargon and complex technical processes to make a person sorely miss their cheque book.

But thankfully, there are ways past these hounds and into the fortress of open banking. Namely, companies like ours that prefer to embrace as many people as possible with inclusive and clear communication that makes open banking that much more digestible.

But we’re not the battering ram of the verbose; there are others out there who also take the friendly approach to getting more followers and advocates on side.

One leading channel for open banking education and awareness is the podcast. And fortunately, it’s the perfect platform for following an ever-evolving movement in which there’s always lots and lots do discuss.

And in keeping with our values of making open banking as simple as accessible for you as possible, we’ve gathered five of the best open banking podcasts currently available.


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Mr. Open Banking

Mr. Open Banking (AKA Eyal Sivan) is a seasoned technologist specialising in all aspects of open banking. His aim with this podcast is to chart the course of an emerging movement and drive his clients towards open banking readiness.


Why we love it

You’ll find a whole host of amazing guests comprising tech innovators, financial leaders and key influencers who are together driving open banking forward.

Mr. Open Banking uses simple and authentic language to explain and discuss open banking. These discussions tend to focus on the underlying design and integration concepts behind open banking, as well as its impact on society at large.


The Payments Podcast

Produced by Bottomline Technologies, The Payments Podcast’s overarching focus is on the trends and stories that develop in the payments industry. As the show proclaims, it’s a go-to source for anything you wish to know in the world of payments. But there’s lots of open banking coverage in there…

Why we love it

From The Impact of Open Banking on Direct Debits and How the Payments Landscape is Changing, to Navigating Your Way Through The Payment Landscape and Understanding How Corporates Can Take Advantage of Open Banking, there’s lots of rich discussion and opinion to keep you up-to-date and in-the-know for open banking and the wider landscape.


Open Banking Podcast

Made up of financial technology enthusiasts with a vision for a better world where payments are immediate, simple and streamlined, the Open Banking Podcast is the live discussion forum of the Open Banking Network. A new show drops every month, with topics ranging from the Innovation Race Between Banks and Fintechs to Payments within the Gaming Sector.

Why we love it

Importantly, the Open Banking Podcast is delivered “by payments people, for payments people.” It’s what makes the show always accessible. And they’re a sharp, knowledgeable bunch, covering everything newsworthy in the open banking space and covering every corner of the world that’s a part of it. Each episode is around half an hour long, so you can even make it a lunch break listen if you’re strapped for time.


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