Build a clearer picture of customers’ spending habits with clean, financial data in real-time for a better user experience.

Powerful insights

Inspire action using transactional categorisation and merchant identification data. Help customers manage their money better.

Celebrate milestones

Drive loyalty and a better experience.

Track Progress

Remind customers of regular or significant transactions for better money management.


Money portrait

Build a single, real-time view of accounts with up to seven years of data.

Transaction alerts

Real-time new transaction alerts on linked account(s).

Event triggers

Identify life-changing events to offer relevant products and services.

How it works


Customer selects the bank and consents to share data.


Customer completes the bank’s authentication process.


Customer connects current account.

Use cases

Personal finance

Identify life-changing events with granular insights to improve decision-making and offer timely products and services. Read more

Credit & lending

Better understand your customer to strengthen or expand your underwriting footprint and risk appetite. Read more

Personalised experience


Empower customers.


Personalise products and services.


Improve user experience with financial data.

Connect to your customers