Wealth managers can help customers plan for retirement, protecting and preserving their wealth with personalised nudges and instant payments.

Provide reports to manage clients’ financial needs. Minimise the risk of fraud, creating a frictionless onboarding experience.


Getting the full picture of wealth is challenging when users have accounts across multiple banks and financial institutions.


Open banking allows wealth managers to fetch data in real-time, linking lending and investments to build a single view.

Wealth management simplified

Understanding the net allows businesses to suggest additional wealth opportunities to clients.

How it works


Customers agree to share data from financial institutions.


We then fetch the data.


Wealth managers can use this data to improve financial planning services.


Dormant funds

Identify dormant funds, providing clients with prompts and instant payment options to grow wealth.

Inspire change

Detect gains, suggesting payment into investment or savings account(s).

Automate checks

Enhance identity theft measures, reducing the risk of fraud.

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